Two Cross
A Gritty Yet Uplifting
True Story
United States District Court Letter

Executive Hoodlum: An Uncompromising and Inspirational Biography

U S Department Justice Letter

Many of the jaw-dropping stories in this book will leave the reader incredulous. Yet they can all be substantiated through extensive documentation derived from print media, police reports, death certificates, album recordings, newsreels, and other videos, as well as protracted interviews with family, friends, and colleagues, including “alleged” organized crime members.

The story of John Costello is that of a man who has walked a jittery tightrope across a chasm of squalor and lawlessness to achieve a decent and fulfilling life on the other side – the author invites readers to vicariously partake in his existential balancing act.

In Dec. 2017, John Costello was given the Literary Titan Book Award for his work on Executive Hoodlum.

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